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I don’t care, I will have a Nicki Minaj butt.

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The sipder - Milena Sidorova

Too good.

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I’ve had a hard time succinctly describing the pain of the nerve damage in my feet

In about a sentence, I figured it out a minute ago. It feels just like I’m stepping on broken glass sometimes. There’s no way to predict how each footstep will feel. Sometimes I walk and my walking feels normal. I can usually walk barefoot in my home, although not always. Sometimes I do need it in my house but the fact that I can walk barefoot and distribute my weight very specifically on my feet allows me to use my cane less. But sometimes it feels like I just stepped on glass or a broken nail or something.

Okay, back to my tons of reading before my quiz today.

Can we have a moment of remembrance for Nickelodeon’s Taina?


A show about a LATINA teenager living her life like it’s ALL the way fucking golden going to school in a REALISTIC version of New York City with REALISTIC portrayals of black, white, asian, and latino students going to school together like….can we just have a moment


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Afffable & her other half
Photographed by Q. Oliver

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*Fox News voice* Was slavery really about race???

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I just want this to be my whole life.

I just want this to be my whole life.